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Question asked by Michael Cummins - December 17, 2016 at 6:31 AM
Prior to version 6 I used to use BareGrep to review my domains, looking for text strings to identify things that needed updating.  I could find, for example, early version hosted exchange clients that needed to be scheduled for an O365 move, or autodiscover A records that needed to be changed to CNAMES, or SPF records that needed to be updated, etc.
Since nothing is stored in text (zone) files any longer, is there a way to perform text string searches on all of the domains?  I'm not looking to perform a bulk update, I am looking for ways to mine for problems to fix.

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JH Software Replied
January 6 at 2:24 AM
Employee Post
I would suggest using the Export Wizard "Standard boot file and zone files" function (click "Records" button, then "File" menu, then "Export..."). 
This gives you everything as text files that you can then process as before.

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