CName record not working in browser?
Question asked by Johannes - December 22, 2016 at 7:24 PM
a: here is my goal: entering subdomain.domain1.com in browser address bar should bring the visitor to domain2.com
b: That is what I did: created cname record this way:
record name (alias name): subdomain.domain1.com ; Alias for: domain2.com
c: using various dns online testing sites and your "trace dns delegation" testing, all show:
Received authoritative (AA) response:
-> Answer: CNAME-record for subdomain.domain1.com = domain2.com
-> Answer: A-record for domain2.com = "correct IP"
My Problem: entering into the browser address bar subdomain.domain1.com  will bring me to the homepage of domain1.com with an error message and NOT to domain2.com as it should be.
From the DNS point of view it seems to be correct, but why is the visitor request send to domain1.com and not to the alias address of domain2.com?
I know it is not a direct DNS problem, but anyone any clue why I am still ending up at domain1.com ?
Any Help very much appreciated.
Thank you.

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JH Software Replied
January 6 at 2:27 AM
Employee Post
If you need the URL in the browser address bar to change (and thereby the host name sent to the web server), then you need to redirect at the HTTP level rather than DNS.
You can do this using the "HTTP Redirector" plug-in - see http://simpledns.com/plugin-httpredir - or set up your own script on the web-server.

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