VPN and DNS plus
Question asked by Ralf Mayr - January 4 at 5:04 AM
Hi all,
i have two servers in a network with fix ip's and both are accessable in the local network with his names "server1" and "server2". So far , so good.
When we access the network via VPN (IPSec) we are not able to access the resources of both servers, only via the ip-address...
I made some entries in DNS Plus (running on server2) but this does not help (in Primary Zone \ Forward Zone):
network.local => type NS, TTL 10800, server2
network.local => type SOA, TTL 10800, server2 [2017010401]
server1.network.local => type A, TTL 10800, ip-address
server2.network.local => type A, TTL 10800, ip-address
What is wrong?

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JH Software Replied
January 6 at 2:31 AM
Employee Post
Is the VPN client correctly configured to use your DNS server (on "server2")?
You can check this (when VPN link is up) at the command prompt typing "ipconfig /all".

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