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Question asked by Craig Hamm - January 27 at 11:40 AM
Build 118 has a somewhat innocuous-looking item on the release notes:
  • Update: Installer simplified - no longer has "Custom" option. Everything is now always installed.
Does this mean that remote management client only option is no longer an option? We maintain headless servers, so we do all of this type of management remotely. Does this mean that a remote-only option will no longer be supported?
Of course, we could install a full DNS server on our management servers, but a) I would rather not have un-necessary services installed on those machines, and b) would that require that we purchase additional licenses for those machines?
Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and answer!

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JH Software Replied
February 7 at 5:20 AM
Employee Post
Due to some problems with the installer software, we temporarily had to remove the option to install the GUI alone.
To get around this, install the full program and then disable the service.
We are working on a solution for this and expect to include the option again in a future release.

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