AXFR zone transfers - Simple DNS to Godaddy
Question asked by Jason - April 20 at 1:37 AM
I'm currently running my Primary DNS on Simple DNS Plus v5.2. For backup purpose, I'm thinking of setting up a secondary DNS with DoDaddy.com.
Read from GoDaddy.com help..
"Your own nameserver set must support AXFR (full zone transfer) and NOTIFY (zone change notification) requests to transfer zone files between the DNS servers."
Does my existing v5.2 support AXFR and NOTIFY?
Appreciate your advice.

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Phil Lewis Replied
April 21 at 11:00 PM
You need to find out if GoDaddy allows zone transfers first.  I tried and they don't  
You can do this on a unix server... On a Windows Server use  dig axfer "zone" @remote primary or SOA.
1: Get the SOA for the godaddy zone  The SOA is the primary server for the domain you  want to copy from.
C:\Users\phil>"host -t SOA godaddy.com"
godaddy.com has SOA record "cns1.godaddy.com". dns.jomax.net. 2017042111 300 600 1209600 3600
2: Then try and take a zone transfer from the SOA (pimary DNS sever)
C:\Users\phil>host -l godaddy.com cns1.godaddy.com
Using domain server:
Name: cns1.godaddy.com
Host godaddy.com not found: 5(REFUSED)
; Transfer failed.
This means that godaddy does not allow zone transfers for the zone.....
You can try child domains of godaddy.com, and use the same process.......... if you find one that lists all  the entries in the zone for you, then you know you will be able to set up as a slave...........  If you cant take a zone transfer, you might just want to forward your queries to "cns1.godaddy.com"
Hope that's what you are looking for?   if not let me know and I can try and explain better.

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