Simple DNS Plus 5.2 128 will not work on Server 2012 R2 (or 2008 R2)
Question asked by Brandon Sauls - December 1, 2014 at 3:06 PM
We just moved simple dns plus from a server 2003 machine to a brand new Server 2012 R2 machine. It is serving DNS records with no issue but we can not edit or create any records. It throws an error and the program closes. We are using the administrator user to do this so there is no user rights issue. We have tried running the service under the default user and under a custom user with admin rights with no resolution. We have verified that 100% of the settings are the same as the old server. We had to get some records edited so I moved the simple dns install to a Server 2008 machine and it had the exact same issue as the server 2012 machine. I then moved it to a Server 2003 machine and it ran normally there. Please advise as we are retiring all of our 2003 machines and we need to know if this software is going to run correctly on Server 2012. We have a support ticket open but have not gotten a response from support yet.
Anyone else running this on Server 2012 R2? Did you have to do anything different or have any issues coming from Server 2003?

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JH Software Replied
January 7, 2015 at 9:42 AM
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