SRV records for Office 365

At the Office 365 support website, there is an article about setting up DNS records for your domain name in connection with Office 365.
The section about SRV-records (for Lync) can be a bit confusing because of the way and order in which the data fields are listed.
In Simple DNS Plus, adding these records would look like this:
PLEASE NOTE: The "Service" and "Protocol" fields are NOT locked to the drop-down choices. You can type any value into these.
And back in the record list:


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Is it possible to add custom entries to the Service & Protocol fields so they are always listed?

We setup a lot of domains on Office 365 now, so would be handy to have sipfederation & tls as permanent choices in the appropriate combo boxes.

Chris Booth (July 5 at 7:46 AM)
Thank for the feedback. We will be adding this soon.
JH Software (September 25 at 12:43 AM)

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